Stumped About What to Do With an Old Tree?

Stumped About What to Do With an Old Tree?

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Maybe you’ve recently cut down a tree and you’re still wondering what to do with the stump. Or maybe the stump has been in your yard for as long as you’ve owned your home. Regardless, you’re tired of seeing it on your property. Stump grinding is the answer to your problem.

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5 important reasons to remove tree stumps from your property

A tree stump is more than just an eyesore. It can also be:

  1. A tripping hazard. Children and pets can get hurt if they stumble on a hidden stump.
  2. An ongoing chore. If the tree stump isn’t dead, it can produce more saplings that you’ll eventually need to uproot.
  3. A big inconvenience. Weeding and mowing become a challenge when you have to maneuver around a tree stump.
  4. A buffet for pests. Termites and carpenter ants love to chew on the rotting wood of tree stumps.
  5. A turnoff for homebuyers. Tree stumps diminish your home’s curb appeal and can lower its resale value.

If you want an effective way to deal with a tree stump, hire an arborist who offers stump grinding services. Thompson Tree & Lawn will make your tree stump disappear and give you a yard you can be proud of.

Want to keep the wood chips for your garden? Want us to haul away your old stump? We’ll talk with you about your stump grinding preferences. Call Thompson Tree & Lawn today at 256-682-5990 for a free estimate.